3 Main Reasons

Why use WANROI?

1. It’s a private, safe and secure browser: WANROI blocks all trackers and encrypts your data.

2. Earn rewards while shopping: Usually internet users pay their internet provider, but with WANROI, you get paid! Receive a significant portion of your total internet shopping expenditure back as a reward.

3. Unique ads model and business tools: WANROI offers businesses the opportunity to advertise first and pay later, along with access to a suite of integrated business tools.

A New Way Of


WANROI empowers businesses of all sizes by making product and service advertising accessible, irrespective of your budget or fan base. As a business you can promote your products on WANROI and pay the ads fee later.

Streamline Your Business Success

Business Tools

Simplify your business with integrated and hassle-free business tools! With WANROI you get a comprehensive suite of business tools at your fingertips, empowering you to launch and grow your organization with confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No, Wanroi does not save your browsing data. However, you can view your browsing history through your local browser. If you wish to, you can also turn off history saving so that your browsing history is not stored.

Yes, at any time. It's just a matter of one click. Also, we can assure you that after you opt out of the program, we will remove all of your purchase history and other data. This means that you should only use the program when you need it.

To join the Wanroi reward program, simply switch on the program and enter your post code. Wanroi will then show you sellers who are closer to your location.

Please watch video tutorials.